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A Cafe that Serves More than Coffee

Stephanie Bridgers, owner of The Local Buzz cafe, strives to do more than brew coffee, cook and bake for her customers. Bridgers created a safe, inclusive space through events such as Kids’ Night Out and a breakfast that...

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Transitioning Back to Reality

She has no idea what is happening to her. Her mind spins with thoughts. New ideas come so fast that she feels inspired hundreds of times a day. Words flow, the good and the bad in a poetic form begging her to write them down....

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Helping students control substance abuse

Dealing with students struggling with substance abuse is not easy, but it is a job that Melissa Ridgeway loves doing. She takes her position as assistant director of substance abuse prevention and education at the University of...

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Overcoming A Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

By Madison Davis High school is supposed to be a time for teenagers to have fun, be carefree, and simply enjoy their lives. Kate Callaham was robbed of this time. Instead of enjoying her winter break, she received the...

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A Nonprofit Wonder Woman

By Emma Lynch After her grandson was diagnosed with autism, Liz Atkinson learned the difficulties a family faces when they have a special needs child. Atkinson immediately quit her job to help her family, and when she finally...

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Making Mardi Gras Green

“Hey don’t pick those up. It’s bad luck,” said my boyfriend, a Louisiana native, as I was reaching down to pick up some of the many beads scattered up and down St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

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